Launch Your Scrum Master Career Through Impactful Hands-On Experience

89% of Scrum Masters report finding jobs 60% faster after completing a Scrum Master internship.  This is your chance to find paid and unpaid Scrum Master internships at top companies. You get to learn Scrum principles, facilitate Agile processes, and get real experience managing sprints and backlogs.

During internship, you will gain practical expertise in Scrum principles by working closely with development teams and experts in the field. You get to,  build your professional network, meet industry leaders, gain real-world experience, increase your confidence and skill level and get access to full employment opportunities.  

We focus on preparing you for Scrum Master roles by building in-demand skills like:

– Facilitating Agile ceremonies like sprint planning and retrospectives

– Managing team collaboration through artefacts like user stories and burn down charts  

– Removing impediments and guiding teams through Agile principles

– Coaching team members in frameworks like Lean and Kanban

– Becoming an influential servant-leader

Want to accelerate your career as a Scrum Master? Our immersive internship program provides the real-world experience and skills you need to excel in Agile environments.

The program also focuses on career readiness. We provide interview prep, resume-building workshops and access to open Scrum Master positions so you can smoothly transition to a full-time role.

If you’re passionate about kicking off your Agile career through hands-on learning and meaningful impact, apply for the internship program today.

Why Undergo A Scrum Master Internship?

A Scrum Master internship allows you to learn Scrum principles and facilitation skills in a real-world setting. 

Apply Agile concepts hands-on by managing live sprints and product backlogs for development teams

Gain expertise with key Scrum artefacts like user stories, burndown charts and velocity tracking.

Get mentored by experienced Scrum Masters who will share their knowledge and coach you on becoming a servant leader for your team.

Learn and grow through doing real work that delivers impact and progress for products and teams.

Add valuable real-world experience to your resume to help you stand out in the job market. Employers highly value candidates who have applied classroom knowledge to practical environments.

Our Open Scrum Master Internships

Join our team today and gain hands-on experience in the Scrum world

How Our Internships Work:

 – Work From Home: Work from the comfort of your home.

– Hands-On Experience in the Real World: Dive into Scrum Master tasks in a real-world work setting.

– Ongoing Mentorship and Training: Receive assistance and advice as you learn and grow.

– Assistance in Transitioning to a Full-Time Role: We’ll be with you every step of the way. 

Internship Timeline:

Week 1

Onboarding and Orientation

Week 2-4

Initial Training and Mentor Shadowing

Week 5-12

Act as Scrum Master on Live Projects

How We Can Help You after your Scrum Master Internship

Tips on getting your Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) certification

We provide prep courses, simulated exams, and study materials to help you pass the CSM exam. Many employers require this certification.

Workshops for advanced skills

Join our workshops to build advanced skills in facilitation, collaboration, Agile coaching and more. Refine abilities critical for Scrum Masters.

Resume and interview preparation

We review your resume and offer advice tailored for Scrum Master roles. Also, provide mock interviews with feedback to help you ace SM interviews

Access to open positions

We maintain relationships with organisations hiring Scrum Masters. We’ll recommend suitable openings and make direct referrals through our network.

Resources for applying and finding the best job Roles fit

We provide access to our constantly updated database of open Scrum Master positions at top companies. Based on your skills, interests, and experience, we recommend the most relevant job openings and companies that are a good fit. Our career advisors also review your application materials and offer coaching to help you successfully match with the best Scrum Master opportunities.

Ideal Interns

We look for candidates who:

– Have basic knowledge of Agile/Scrum principles 

– Display a strong commitment to team collaboration and communication

– Can work independently within ambiguous and fast-paced environments

– Bring a passion for continuous improvement and learning mindset,


Accelerate Your Path to a New Career 

– Learn from Experts on the Job: Gain insights from seasoned professionals.

– Build Your Professional Network: Meet with industry leaders.

– Gain Real-World Experience: Put what you’ve learnt into practice.

– Increase Confidence and Skills: Develop into a competent Scrum Master.

– High Probability of Full-Time Employment Offer: Ensure your future with a great employment offer.

Are You Ready to Begin Your New Scrum Master Career? Apply for one of our future internship batches and start your amazing Scrum experience! 

Kick start your career acceleration today