Step into a world of opportunity with our tech internships tailored for aspiring female leaders. Explore avenues to refine your coding, data analysis, product management and other tech related skills while receiving mentorship and robust career development support. At Inprentship, we’re dedicated to empowering Scrum and Agile professionals, fostering diversity, and promoting inclusivity in the tech industry. Our Women in Tech Internships page serves as your pathway to a rewarding career. Join us in shaping the future of technology and realise your full potential today.

Why Undergo A Tech Internship As A Female Professional

Embarking on a tech internship as a woman opens doors to a world of advantages: 

Gain hands-on tech experience in a supportive environment

Immerse yourself in a nurturing space where your skills are valued and your growth is a top priority.

Access to mentors and role models

Connect with inspiring women who have paved the way in tech, guiding you through your journey.

Build confidence and skills in male-dominated fields

Overcome barriers and develop the resilience needed to thrive in tech environments.

Expand your professional network with other women in tech

Join a community of like-minded individuals, forging connections that last a lifetime.

Top Tech Companies Actively Recruiting Women

Explore profiles of companies committed to diversity, showcasing great female representation and internship programs that go beyond the ordinary. 

Easy roles for women to transition into

Beak into the tech industry and build a fulfilling career that leverages your unique skills and perspectives. Here are four top roles where yiu can thrive and make a meaningful impact :

1. UX/UI Designer:

Do you have an eye for aesthetics and enjoy organising things beautifully? Translate that passion into creating user-friendly interfaces. As a UX/UI designer, you’ll craft intuitive and visually appealing experiences for websites, apps, and other digital products. Combine your creativity and empathy to craft user-centred experiences. Shape how people interact with websites, apps, and other digital products.

2. Scrum Master:

Do you thrive in collaborative environments and have a talent for keeping projects organised? Your strong communication and organisational skills are crucial for success as a Scrum Master. You’ll guide development teams through agile methodologies, fostering collaboration and ensuring projects stay on track.

3. Product Manager:

Your strategic thinking and organisational skills will shine as a product manager. You’ll guide the development of products from concept to launch, ensuring they meet the needs of users and the market.

4. Data Analyst:

Are you a lover of  puzzles, do you enjoy getting to the bottom of things? Your meticulous and detail-oriented approach is valuable in data analysis. You’ll unlock valuable insights from complex data sets, helping businesses make informed decisions. Harness the power of data to solve problems and make informed decisions. Your attention to detail and analytical mindset will allow you to uncover valuable insights.

Available Internships For Women In Tech

Navigate through our comprehensive listings of current openings, thoughtfully curated to be ideal for you as a female professional. Easily filter by role, location and more to find the perfect fit for your aspirations 

Google: Women Techmakers Intern Program

Microsoft: Women in Engineering (WiE) Intern Program

IBM: Women in Technology (WIT) Intern Program

Adobe: Women@Adobe Intern Program

Salesforce: Women in Tech Intern Program

For the most up-to-date information, I recommend visiting the official websites of these companies and navigating to their career sections or specific programs for women in technology. You may also directly contact their HR or recruitment teams for guidance on internship opportunities. These internships empower women to gain valuable skills, experience, and networks for successful tech careers. 

Scholarships for Women In The Tech World

Explore financial aid programs specifically designed for women in STEM/tech, ensuring that nothing stands between you and your dreams.

Tips for Thriving as a Woman in Tech

Explore financial aid programmes, conquer challenges, find mentors, and build allies with our insightful tips for thriving in the dynamic world of tech. Here are a few tips  specifically designed for female professionals in STEM/tech, ensuring that nothing stands between you and your dreams.

1) Continuous Learning

2) Build a Strong Network

3) Mentorship and Sponsorship

4) Confidence and Assertiveness

5) Seek Opportunities

6) Advocate for Yourself

7) Diversity and Inclusion Advocacy

8) Work-Life Balance

9) Stay Resilient

10) Cultivate a Supportive Environment

11) Negotiation Skills

12) Personal Branding

13) Cultural Competence

14) Create a Growth Plan

Remember, success in tech is not only about technical skills but also about interpersonal relationships, communication, and navigating organisational dynamics. By cultivating a diverse skill set and a strong support network, women can thrive in the dynamic and rewarding field of technology. 

At, we’re not just offering internships, we are providing a launchpad for your career, a supportive community, and a platform to celebrate the achievements of women in tech. Join us and let’s build the future together.Your journey begins here. Explore, aspire, and thrive with