Discover tailored internship opportunities designed for veterans seeking a seamless transition into civilian tech careers. Elevate your skills with hands-on experience and mentorship from veteran-friendly companies committed to your success. 

Why Undergo A Tech Internship As A Veteran?


Leverage Your Military Training in a Civilian Tech Role

Harness the discipline and skills acquired in the military to excel in the dynamic world of technology. 


Get Mentored by Professionals with Military Experience

Receive guidance from mentors who understand the unique strengths veterans bring to the tech industry. 


Build Hard Skills in High-Demand Fields like Cybersecurity

Immerse yourself in cutting-edge projects, developing expertise in areas crucial to the tech landscape. 


Expand Your Network in the Private Sector

Forge connections with professionals who value your military background, opening doors to new opportunities.

Veteran-friendly Tech Companies
Hiring Interns

Here are some well-known tech companies that are known for being veteran-friendly and have a strong focus on Agile and Scrum 







HP (Hewlett-Packard

Easy roles for veterans to transition into

Leverage your service and leadership skills for a fulfilling tech career. Here are four top roles where your unique qualities and veteran experience can truly shine:

1. Scrum Master:

Your leadership and ability to navigate complex situations are invaluable assets as a Scrum Master. You’ll guide development teams through agile methodologies, fostering collaboration and ensuring projects stay on track. offers internships in: Agile Project Management, Scrum Methodology, and Kanban.

2. Cybersecurity Analyst:

Do you possess a keen eye for detail and enjoy strategic thinking? Your meticulousness and analytical skills make you a natural fit for cybersecurity. You’ll be at the forefront, protecting critical infrastructure and data by identifying and mitigating security threats.

3. Software Developer:

Are you resourceful and enjoy creative problem-solving? Your ability to break down complex tasks and find innovative solutions is ideal for software development. You’ll use programming languages to build the future of technology. Your problem-solving and adaptability skills  make you ideal for building  innovative solutions using the latest technologies and contributing to shaping the future.

4. Data Analyst

Do you have a logical mind and enjoy making sense of complex information? Your analytical skills and ability to work with numbers will empower you as a data analyst. You’ll extract insights from complex data sets, translating them into actionable information for businesses.

Sourcing opportunities

Here are some websites for internship opportunities for veterans.

Veteran Jobs is a website that lists various internship opportunities for veterans, including positions in Scrum and Agile. It provides a comprehensive search function and allows veterans to tailor their search based on their interests, skills, and experience. is another website that lists internship opportunities for veterans, including positions in Scrum and Agile. It offers a user-friendly interface, allowing veterans to easily browse job postings and apply directly through the website.


The (The National Veterans Employment Organization) is a non-profit organisation that provides various resources to help veterans find employment, including internship opportunities in Scrum and Agile. It offers career counselling, resume writing assistance, job placement services, and internship listings specifically tailored for veterans.

Curated Tech Internship Listings
Open to Veterans

Explore a carefully selected list of tech internships tailored for veterans, ensuring a seamless transition into the world of technology.

Microsoft Military Affairs
Internship Program

Amazon Military Tech Internship

Salesforce Veterans Intern Program

VMware Veteran Internship Program

Google for Veterans
Internship Program

IBM Veterans Employment Accelerator Program

HP (Hewlett-Packard) Veteran Internship Program

For the most  up-to-date information, we recommend visiting the official websites of Google, IBM, and HP, and navigating to their career sections or specific programs for military and veterans. You may also directly contact their HR or recruitment teams for guidance on internship opportunities for veterans.

When exploring these opportunities, veterans should consider the specific requirements, mentorship/support programs, and the technologies each company specializes in to find the best fit for their skills and aspirations.

Tips for Transitioning Your Skills

Translating Military Experience to Tech Roles: Learn how to effectively transform your military skills to excel in civilian tech positions.

1) Tech Industry Insight

2) Identify Transferable Skills

3) Learn Tech-Specific Skills

4) Build Online Presence

5) Network with Veterans

6) Customize Your Resume

7) Craft a Compelling Cover Letter

8) Seek Transitional Programs

9) Prepare for Interviews

10) Stay Resilient and Positive

11) Revamping Your Resume, Interview Tips

Veteran Stories

Interviews with Veterans Who Successfully Transitioned to Tech Careers: ( Heine Zumafor ).
Gain inspiration from the journeys of veterans who navigated a successful transition into rewarding tech careers. 

As a veteran transitioning from military service, I struggled to translate my leadership abilities into private sector roles. Though I understood core management concepts from the service, I lacked hands-on experience facilitating Agile frameworks. The Scrum Scenario Master internship provided an invaluable bridge to fill this gap. Through an immersive 3-month virtual internship, I gained practical mastery in executing sprints, refining backlogs, leading standups, resolving blockers, and more. The experience equipped me with real-world examples to convey during interviews. I can now speak firsthand about adjusting team velocities, implementing process improvements, and driving development workflows.

The program also helped me optimize my resume to highlight applicable military skills. My mentor assisted me in aligning terminology and impact metrics to be persuasive for Scrum Master opportunities. The program also helped me optimize my resume to highlight applicable military skills. My mentor assisted me in aligning terminology and impact metrics to be persuasive for Scrum Master opportunities. I highly recommend the program for any veterans seeking to transition their abilities into Agile project excellence.” 

Scholarships for Veterans

Financial Aid Programs for Veterans Pursuing Tech Careers. Discover scholarships designed to support veterans on their path to success in the tech industry. 

Google Veteran Scholarship:

Google offers various scholarships. You can check their scholarship programs for veterans

AMVETS Scholarship Program:

Visit the AMVETS National Service Foundation Scholarship page for information on available scholarships.

Bonsai Finance Scholarship:

Details about the Bonsai Finance Scholarship can be found on their official scholarship page

Cybersecurity Scholarships for Military and Veterans:

Explore cybersecurity scholarships compiled by

Additional Resources:

– Bonsai Finance Scholarship: Explore Bonsai Finance’s official website or contact them for scholarship information.

   – Cybersecurity Scholarships for Military and Veterans: Search for cybersecurity scholarships on platforms like Fastweb 

– Explore OJT opportunities through veteran support organizations, government programs, or tech industry training initiatives. 

– Look for apprenticeship programs in the tech industry or contact relevant organizations directly. Platforms like can be a resource.

Please note that the availability of scholarships and program details may change, so it's advisable to visit the respective websites for the most up-to-date information.

At, we honour your service and are committed to helping veterans thrive in the tech sector. Explore, learn, and embark on a new chapter in your career with our tailored resources and opportunities. Your journey to a fulfilling tech career starts here.