IT Support Specialist Intern

IT Support Specialist Intern Company: TechAssist, a leading IT support provider that offers technical assistance to businesses and organizations. Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA Duration: 12 weeks (Summer Internship) Responsibilities:  Provide technical support to users of computer systems and networks. Troubleshoot technical issues and resolve hardware and software problems.  Install and configure computer systems and software […]

Product Management Intern

Product Management Intern Company: Innovate Labs, a tech startup that develops innovative products for the consumer market. Location: Seattle, Washington, USA Duration: 6 months (Semester Internship) Responsibilities: Conduct market research to identify user needs and market opportunities.  Develop product roadmaps and specifications for new products.  Collaborate with cross-functional teams to bring products from ideation to […]

Data Science Intern

Data Science Intern Company: DataSense Analytics, a data-driven consulting firm that helps businesses make informed decisions. Location: New York, New York, USA Duration: 4 months (Semester Internship) Responsibilities: Collect, clean, and analyze large datasets using advanced data mining techniques.  Extract meaningful insights and patterns from data to inform business strategies. Develop data visualizations and dashboards […]

Cybersecurity Intern

Cybersecurity Intern Company: CyberDefense Solutions, a leading cybersecurity firm that protects organizations from cyberattacks. Location: Austin, Texas, USA Duration: 3 months (Summer Internship) Responsibilities:  Identify and assess cybersecurity vulnerabilities in computer systems and networks. Implement and maintain effective security measures to safeguard sensitive data.  Conduct security audits and penetration testing to identify potential weaknesses. Qualifications […]

Software Engineering Intern

Software Engineering Intern Company: Acme Technologies, a leading software development firm specializing in cloud-based solutions. Location: Sunnyvale, California, USA Duration: 10 weeks (Summer Internship) Responsibilities: Participate in the development and testing of cutting-edge software applications.  Contribute to the implementation of a new cloud-based platform that will revolutionize the way businesses manage their customer data. Collaborate […]