IT Support Specialist Intern

IT Support Specialist Intern Company: TechAssist, a leading IT support provider that offers technical assistance to businesses and organizations. Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA Duration: 12 weeks (Summer Internship) Responsibilities:  Provide technical support to users of computer systems and networks. Troubleshoot technical issues and resolve hardware and software problems.  Install and configure computer systems and software […]

Product Management Intern

Product Management Intern Company: Innovate Labs, a tech startup that develops innovative products for the consumer market. Location: Seattle, Washington, USA Duration: 6 months (Semester Internship) Responsibilities: Conduct market research to identify user needs and market opportunities.  Develop product roadmaps and specifications for new products.  Collaborate with cross-functional teams to bring products from ideation to […]

Data Science Intern

Data Science Intern Company: DataSense Analytics, a data-driven consulting firm that helps businesses make informed decisions. Location: New York, New York, USA Duration: 4 months (Semester Internship) Responsibilities: Collect, clean, and analyze large datasets using advanced data mining techniques.  Extract meaningful insights and patterns from data to inform business strategies. Develop data visualizations and dashboards […]

Software Engineering Intern

Software Engineering Intern Company: Acme Technologies, a leading software development firm specializing in cloud-based solutions. Location: Sunnyvale, California, USA Duration: 10 weeks (Summer Internship) Responsibilities: Participate in the development and testing of cutting-edge software applications.  Contribute to the implementation of a new cloud-based platform that will revolutionize the way businesses manage their customer data. Collaborate […]